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Pier Goodmann
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Main Points

Things i will fix

Street Lights

Street Sweeping

Human Rights

Jobs for Homeless

Extra School Programs

Mental Health aid

Speeding/drifting issue

Eliminating corruption

Youth/Teen Programs

Homless center

My Visions

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Eliminates all unnecessary spending

Eliminates all unnecessary spending not important expensive projects at City Hall and spend safe money to support veterans, homeless or improve services on streets.

Addiction/ mental help

by creating Centralize support system at local hospitals. Have a better ER services such less waiting time and more specialist to help for free or cover by insurance Detox or withdrawal process.


Frequently Asked Questions

As Human Rights Activist, secretary, and journalist, I would like to help the residents in our town to have better services and be safe while walking on the streets. I am constantly calling our District 6 and local Police Departments and others to address our District 6 issues. Unfortunately, everything is still the same. They better run by themselves, as they know better than anyone who doesn’t care. I know exactly what needs to be done. Residents want to be safe and have better living conditions such as street lights, better parking conditions, more police patrol, less homeless on our backyards or streets. As a neighborhood watch leader, I always see what is happening in my District 6 area, such as negligent work style or ignorance of our problems. The Key is analyzing the situation, using critical thinking, and protecting people with proper actions, not just walking away from problems as we have done in District 6.
We have already seen what great politicians or bureaucrats in LA City are doing. We need honest people who protect residents’ rights, not our bureaucrats, political agendas, or special-interest corporations.
I would like to mention what President John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what country can do for you- ask work to have a better What you can do for your country.’’ That is exactly what I’m going to do. Work hard and be smart and put my heart and soul into this job to have the outcome of fixing problems. I will protect our residents, including the homeless, by having a centralized support system versus a complex and present bureaucratic support system. I know how to better protect young children and teens by keeping them away from new drugs, like Fentanyl and alcohol, or other smoking drugs usages at school or public areas by having a team of medical and psychological professionals in our District 6 by passing legal documents in LA City and increase special response team. I will decrease crime by involving the younger generation to be more active in community projects and, in the meantime, help them continue their college education to have a better life than short life in gang life. I am going to protect Senior citizens by having all LA City resources with the updated system to serve better and protect seniors in District 6 I will protect small business owners from having a less bureaucratic system to have and run businesses in District 6 I will decrease all unnecessary laws or regulations in LA City Departments, including LA Building Safety, LAPD, Local Hospital delayed intake of ER patients to see doctors, 911 call response time, Crime prevention strategy improvement, I will also support increasing all public work services and more police officers but have a better policy to protect residents better, more sanitation workers to clean our Angelino, more firefighter personnel, and more psychologist’s team to better prevent mental problems. If I get elected, each resident in District 6 will have direct contact with me by text or voice and will respond to all calls, texts, or emails by my staff or me. I will make more meetings with our residents to keep them involved in our community relationship. I am against spending unnecessary money for events or parties in City Hall and try to save taxpayers money to help the homeless or community needs. Also, I will recommend this text communication system to LAPD Patrol police car officers to receive tips from eyewitnesses of none violent crimes.