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About Carmelina Minasova

With over 30 years of experience as a Medical Professional Practitioner with Military Medical and Respiratory Experiences, I have dedicated my life to serving our community. I am a passionate advocate for the homeless, rescue animals, and neighborhood safety. As the Secretary of Human Rights, I stand firm against discrimination, advocating for the rights of all individuals, regardless of their background

Our Mission

Rebuilding Our Districts, Restoring Hope:

Homeless Crisis:

I am committed to establishing seven shelters in each city within our district, providing comprehensive services and creating a centralized system for homeless assistance.

Human Rights

I will propose and implement better laws to safeguard the rights of every individual, ensuring criminal charges for offenses such as racism, hate crimes, and attacks.

Crime Reduction Measures

Focused on implementing measures to reduce crime, including addressing parking issues, proposing criminal charges for specific offenses, and fostering better community-police relations.

Animal Welfare Support:

Prioritizing the importance of animals in our community, I am dedicated to supporting those who assist the homeless with animals and working towards establishing a low-cost vet hospital.

Engaging Our Community

Actively involving residents in decision-making processes, meetings, and discussions through new communication systems, creating a platform for voices to be heard.

Public Saftey

Actively involving residents in decision-making processes, meetings, and discussions through new communication systems, creating a platform for voices to be heard.

Our News

Latest News & Articles

Main Points

Things i will fix

Street Lights

Street Sweeping

Human Rights

Jobs for Homeless

Extra School Programs

Mental Health aid

Speeding/drifting issue

Eliminating corruption

Youth/Teen Programs

Homless center

My Visions

Join The Fight for Our Freedom

Eliminates all unnecessary spending

Eliminates all unnecessary spending not important expensive projects at City Hall and spend safe money to support veterans, homeless or improve services on streets.

Addiction/ mental help

by creating Centralize support system at local hospitals. Have a better ER services such less waiting time and more specialist to help for free or cover by insurance Detox or withdrawal process.


Frequently Asked Questions

As Human Rights Activist, secretary, and journalist, I would like to help the residents in our town to have better services and be safe while walking on the streets. I am constantly calling our District 6 and local Police Departments and others to address our District 6 issues. Unfortunately, everything is still the same. They better run by themselves, as they know better than anyone who doesn’t care. I know exactly what needs to be done. Residents want to be safe and have better living conditions such as street lights, better parking conditions, more police patrol, less homeless on our backyards or streets. As a neighborhood watch leader, I always see what is happening in my District 6 area, such as negligent work style or ignorance of our problems. The Key is analyzing the situation, using critical thinking, and protecting people with proper actions, not just walking away from problems as we have done in District 6.
We have already seen what great politicians or bureaucrats in LA City are doing. We need honest people who protect residents’ rights, not our bureaucrats, political agendas, or special-interest corporations.